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Communicorp UK is home to some of the most exciting brands in UK radio including Capital networks in Scotland and South Wales, Heart Networks in Hertfordshire, Yorkshire and North Wales, Smooth Radio networks in the North East, North West and East Midlands as well as XS Manchester.

We work with over 2,500 businesses each year and provide our clients a full range of marketing services with a focus on delivering a strong ROI.


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How can my business benefit from radio advertising?


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High Return on Investment

Radio advertising produces £7.70 revenue ROI for every one pound spent.


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Cost Effective

The cost of radio advertising is generally low, allowing you to buy more audience impressions for your money than any other medium.

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Efficiently Targeted

Radio advertising can be targeted by station type, age, social grade and region.

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Short Lead Times

Ideal for the promotion of last minute advertising messages to the Leeds region.

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Easy Media Integration

Placing radio advertising alongside other media can enhance an overall campaign performance. 

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High Impact on Low Radio Advertising Cost

Radio advertising delivers an average cost per thousand (CPT) of £1.54. Out of home delivers an average CPT of £3.03.


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