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From Weller to Gallagher, XS Manchester love the very best that Manchester has to offer: live music, culture, sport and dining out. They are equally comfortable listening to Manchester’s unsigned artists or enjoying some Mancunian classics.


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How can my Salford based business benefit from radio advertising?



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High Return on Investment

Radio advertising produces £7.70 revenue ROI for every pound spent.

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Cost Effective

The cost of radio advertising is generally low, allowing you to buy more audience impressions for your money than any other medium.


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Efficiently Targeted

Radio advertising can be targeted by station type, age, social grade and region.

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Short Lead Time

Ideal the promotion of last minute advertising messages to the Manchester region.

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Easy Media Integration

Placing radio advertising alongside other media can enhance an overall campaign performance. 

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High Impact on Low Radio Advertising Cost

Radio advertising delivers an average cost per thousand (CPT) of £1.54. Out of home delivers an average CPT of £3.03.

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From Capital Scotland to Heart North Wales, we provide over 3.2m adult listeners a week across the UK with the music and news they want to hear.


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